Whitstable Labour Party refuse to acknowledge local woman who identifies as their MP

WHITSTABLE, UK – A local woman is that the center of a row over identity this weekend, ahead of a local protest in Whitstable.

Rosie Duffield, from Canterbury, identifies as a Member of Parliament both in public and on social media, and has done since 2017.

But some, including the local Labour Party, refuse to acknowledge Ms. Duffield’s new identity. She was not born an MP, they say, and cannot be one now.

Ms. Duffield took to Twitter after this latest spat…

Party members remained unmoved by Ms. Duffield’s claims, or by the 29,000 people understood to have voted for her.

“Votes and winning elections is irrelevant,” said long time member Silvia Lewis. “We’ve been clear on that since 1979.”

Whitstable member Patricia Hughes held similar views.

“This may very well be her truth, but the local party has agreed democratically, by show of hands, that it’s not our truth.

“I don’t care what she says, or what other people say, or any of the Dimblebys.”

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