How to read the Pioneer

Here’s how to read the Whitstable Pioneer without feeling the need to put an end to all this nonsense, close things down, or giving yourself permanent high blood pressure.

Start by reading the latest story. Or just look at the pictures, whichever you prefer.

If it makes you angry, that’s okay. It’s not for everyone.

But before you “rage quit”, ask yourself what it is that bugs the **** out of you.

This is the exact quality, whether it’s in groups or in individuals, that you find, well… disgusting.

You might even want to rid the world of whatever it is. Conservatism, Liberalism… Herne Bay. You might even want to stop a website like this.

But here’s where you can learn a thing or two form Carl Jung.

The reason you find it so unpleasant is because that same “quality” is in you. But you don’t notice it.

Instead, you’re projecting it onto the people or groups you find disgusting. This usually comes with the urge to fix them.

(Trying to fix this doesn’t work).

But you can fix yourself!

(Note of caution: I am no psychologist. I’m stealing heavily here).

This disgust is also in you. You just can’t see it.

And it happens to be exactly what you need in order to become an authentic person.

So that feeling you have is healthy. If used properly it’ll stop you from falling into a divisive, ideological trap.

And it might help you consider your own negative biases from a different point of view.

And make you react differently to views unlike your own.

Imagine how useful that would be to the world right now.

If you make it through all that, drop me a line. We can start a conversation.

HT. Doshin Roshi.